Join the Alaska Cannabis Club today!

Alaska Cannabis Club is a PRIVATE club.

There are several benefits to joining the Alaska Cannabis Club which include:
  • access to Alaska’s FIRST medical marijuana dispensary
  • access to the private ClubHouse in downtown Anchorage where Club members are free to consume cannabis in a secure social setting
  • cannabis-themed educational courses and recreational events
  • utilizing the Alaska Cannabis Club Co-op to provide and/or obtain recreational and medical marijuana
(The Alaska Cannabis Club operates in full compliance with state and local laws and will not be selling or distributing marijuana until legally allowed to do so.)

To start the process of becoming an Alaska Cannabis Club member complete the initial application and pay the $30 membership fee – this covers the annual GREY-level membership cost as well. See details on membership levels below.

Join the Alaska Cannabis Club today!

membership program :

This is where the FREE WEED comes in. Club member receive specialized attention from Alaska Cannabis Club Consultants and are the first to sample fellow Club member’s new products to be offered. FOR FREE.

In addition, Alaska Cannabis Club members receive free cannabis products, special invites to Alaska Cannabis Club events and are the only ones allowed to share their OWN product with other club members and clients.
• Due to quality control monitoring, all Club members interested in sharing their product must go through a stringent evaluation before the Alaska Cannabis Club will allow their product to reach our clients.

club privacy policy :

The Alaska Cannabis Club does not publish prices online! Members offering their OWN product have reached a consensus on acceptable “donation” points depending type and amount of product requested.

Alaska Cannabis Club